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New energy labels

nuova etichetta energetica

The new EU regulations on ecodesign and energy labelling have been published. The European Commission has established that new energy labels must be used starting from March 2021.

Suppliers (manufacturers, importers) have to register their appliances, in the European Product Database for Energy Labelling (EPREL), before selling them on the European market.

Following items must be provided of the new energy label:

  • refrigerators and freezers
  • washing machines
  • washer dryers
  • dishwasher
  • wine cellars for domestic use
  • electronic displays (monitors, TVs …)
  • electric lamps
  • vacuum cleaners
  • air conditioners
  • water heater
  • tumble dryers.

Energy label will be visible in the database, in shops and for on-line sales as of:

  • 1 March 2021: dishwasher, washing machines, refrigerators and freezers, washer dryers, wine cellars for domestic use, electronic displays.
  • 1 September 2021: electric lamps.
  • In 2022: vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, tumble dryers.

How to recognize the EU energy label?

A simpler classification will be introduced, using only the letters A to G (+ signs, double letters or any other symbol will be removed). The letter A will correspond to the maximum of energy efficiency, while the letter G will indicate the minimum of efficiency.

Because of the new higher standards, a product model can “fall” by several letters as regards its energy class with the new label. the current class A will most likely correspond to the class B or C of the new label.

This new reclassification will allow the development of new and more energy efficient products. The colors will remain unchanged, bright green for maximum efficiency, red for minimum energy efficiency.

The new element of the label: the QR code

Suppliers need to register their appliances in the database, to get the QR code.

Consumers will get more detailed information on the item, scanning the QR code.

New labels may have other icons that will show additional information, such as product capacity or size, noise level or water consumption.


Old energy label New energy label

few steps to adapt to the new regulations

To face this new challenge we have created Prolabels.eu, a web application that will allow you to quickly access the EPREL database and receive your new energy labels.

Find how

Main features of Prolabels.eu

  • Data collection and technical documentation
  • Direct communication with EPREL
  • Tracking of communications and submitting reports
  • Connection to the new energy labels
  • Time and costs saving



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